Friday, July 20, 2012

Won't You Come Into My Garden

My day at Smith Rock, Terrebonne, Oregon
This is the time of year I've been waiting for...warm weather, plentiful sunshine, and long days. In the high desert, this is the perfect time of year, especially for our gardens! So now is the prime time to share all we have done with others! Invite them in, let them explore, and experience your work for themselves.

I recently had the privilege of having a few friends visit that we haven't seen in years. We were able to show them our house, garden, and catch up on all that has been going on in life. It was the moment when we entered my back garden to sit and visit that was the most poignant (from a gardener's perspective) moment for me! They entered, sat down, looked around, let out a heavy sigh, and said, "wow, it's like your own little oasis here...this is nice!"

Sometimes validation from others is extremely rewarding. It lets you know that how you feel and how you try to express yourself can be felt by those who enter into your space - your canvas, in a way. This is our form of art.

Knowing this has allowed me to be able to take pride in what I've accomplished; not in a boisterous or 'better-than-you' way, but in a 'I'm proud of what God has allowed me to do with His beauty' way. That's the best form of pride in my book!

So, if the opportunity arises, invite others into your garden,but keep one thing in mind: we need to invite them to experience it - whatever way they may - not to boast about our accomplishments. Be proud of what it taking place, but do it humbly! We've been given a beautiful gift...lets give credit where credit is due!

Share with me your experiences, pictures, or ideas, please. I love to read more ideas and see what others have been able to do!



  1. such a great blog and so true! you deserve to show off your oasis.. and you have inspired me! :D

  2. I'm so glad to be able to inspire you! I can't wait to come see all you've done :-)