Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Monumental Day

As I mentioned earlier, I love, love, LOVE fresh apricots! I've shy-ed away from the apricots at the grocery stores because the flavor is nothing close to the caliber it should. So technically, I haven't had a freshly picked apricot since I went with my family to Coral Reef National Park...back in 2006!

Today was monumental for me...I was able to pick - yes, pick - and eat fresh apricots today!! I got word that there were some ripe and available along the Deschutes river; so my cousin and I packed a basket, the dogs and headed out (after, of course, our 7-mile hike at park #2 on our list :).

We took turns using the 'picker'. I will admit, that thing takes a little more skill than I thought to be effective at using it. Our first attempts ended in a lot of falling fruit; it's fine by me...i just have to eat the bruised ones first! We eventually got the hang of it though, and despite the very hot and still conditions, we were able to gather an entire basket full of fresh, juicy, sweet, and perfect in almost every way, apricots!

I've already enjoyed several of them - I couldn't wait any longer - and they are indeed just as wonderful as I remember! Well worth the time, sweat, and a little bit of frustration.

So if you have an opportunity to go out and pick fresh produce you can't grow at home, seize it! Being able to taste fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the field is such a delightful experience!


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