Monday, July 9, 2012

Steelhead Falls

Here is what I'm working on next...a review of a local park. We discovered it last Sunday and had a great time oohing and ahhing at the view. It's hidden back in a very our-of-the-way area which made it all the more enjoyable. It was also open for fishing...which completely excited Cam!!

I am blessed to have my cousin staying with me for a month! Not only is he a lot of fun, but when he's here, I do a lot more exploring; not just to State, National, or City parks, but to off the road trails, water-ways, and natural areas.

So for the next few weeks, I will continue visiting areas and filling you in! It's a good way to truly absorb the complete beauty of the area in which we live. So, Steelhead Falls was just the first of what are hopefully many more!

As I enjoy this new experience I would encourage to get out, if you can, and do a little exploring. Google "hikes" in your area and pick one that intrigues you. And when you have some free time, explore may even give you a whole new appreciation for what we are blessed with!!

If you know of any awesome trails or areas where you live, share them!! Hopefully soon, Cam and I will be able to take a little camping road trip and who knows...we might just find ourselves in your neck of the woods!!

Enjoy! :-)

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