Saturday, March 8, 2014

The End of a Story

I know it has been monhts since I've updated this blog, aside from the few sporadic "This Moment" posts I've had. But sometimes that is just where our lives lead us. Life is not always rosey and perfect; hiccups occur, setbacks present themselves, discoruagement sets in, and sometimes all we want is just for time to pass us by so things will seem better than they are. That has been my life for the last six months.

 We found our dream property over the summer and went back and forth on if we could affod it, if it was a good decision, and if we were ready for the major change. Knowing what we wanted in life and where we wanted to raise our family, the decision was easy but slow-comeing. When we finally decided to go for it, we put our house on the market and have been living in stasis since October. 

We cleaned up our house, packed things away, and made our current home more eye-catching to potential buyers. And it worked! By Thanksgiving, we had officially sold our home! Exctatic doesn't even begin to express how we were feeling about this major life moment. We began packing up our things and preparing ourselves for the move. We were so excied about the prospect of being in our new farmhouse by Christmas. 

A month into the process, just before closing, we found out that our buyers were denied their home loan so the deal was off. We were devistated. Things were looking great for us and suddenly we were thrust back to the starting line. I remember asking why. Why now? Why, when we were so close to attaining our dream? Why, after all we went thru? And no matter how many different ways I asked that question, did the answer ever make sense to me or seem fair. So, to be quite frank, I put on my big-girl panties and trudged onward. 

I cleaned, gussied up, and packed things away to make my house presentable once again. For the entire month of December (yes through Christmas and New Year's!) I had to clean my house and vacate it nightly. It was hard - and you all know how much I love Christmas - but I truly felt like this was a position God had put us into for a reason, so I had to soldier on!

By my 30th birthday in January, we had a buyer! Things began to unfold the same as before, so I proceeded with excited caution. Packing became fervant. I wanted to make sure we did everything we needed to to be able to move. 

By mid-February, we had a scare. They buyers and thier mortgage company were unreachable. I, once again, was thrust into despair. I couldn't believe it! Not again! But God answered my prayers and gave me an answer. Three days later, we were contacted by our realtor saying that everything was still a go! That night we celebrated and finished packing!

For the next 10 days straingt, I spent my entire days (I had to take time off work for this) packing, loading and unloading trucks and moving vans. It was intense. I had help with the furniture (thanks to Cam and my brother-in-law and sister!) but the rest was up to me. And I did it!! We are officially out of our home and in temporary housing. 

We thought we would only be here for a few days but the property we purchased was still waitng on the last of their paperowork so they could have a place to move to. So, with Cam gone all week with business, I got us ready for the final move. We just got word tonight that tomrrow evening we get to move in!! I could not be more excited!

This has been an extrememly trying and learning time for us. I never thought I would learn so much about patience, and what it truly means to posses it, and what exactly it means to fight for what God has placed on your heart. But as hard as it has been, I've learned more about my dirve and resiliancy than I have ever known. I was pushed way beyond my comfort zone to a point that literally the only thing keeping me moving was that phrase "God never gives us more than we can handle," and the Newsboys album "In the Hands of God." I am truly blessed and thankful!

So I am writing tonight from a place of transition. Somewhere I hope to not have to find myself in again. But in the same breath, I am thankful for it now...because of what I know is in store! This time tomorrow I will be moving the first of my things into our little 28 acre farm!

I dedicate this post to a great story, five years in the making, that has just come to a close. You will always hold a dear place in my heart!