Sunday, July 15, 2012

So Much Fun!

As I said earlier, we have been working hard on reviewing many different trails, parks, and fun places in the area. Yesterday we completed a 5-mile mountain bike ride to the top of a look-out. Today, well, we went all out and finished a trail 15-miles in length, 75 % of which was all up-hill riding! It was beautiful, but most much fun!!

I also had the privilege of going out and picking fresh pie cherries at our aunt and uncle's farm. Not only did we get delicious cherries, but we had so much fun visiting family! We then came home and made home-made ice cream...what a way to end our day!

I've gotten my fourth picking of raspberries tonight...two large bowls!

I am feeling extremely blessed! I have what I need - health, shelter, family - and so much more.

I pray that wherever you find yourself at now, you can find hope for what lies ahead. Everything is changing (it will never stay the same) and when we can truly appreciate the things we have - no matter how small our blessings may seem - we will lead such full lives!

Share with me some of the blessings you have encountered...I'd love to hear!

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  1. How did the icecream turn out? Was so happy we were able to see you guys.
    I am loving your site!