Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Day of Excitement!

Today was such an amazing day for me! I spent my morning mountain biking in a magnificent area for three hours with my husband, picked fresh produce from our garden, & released 1,500 lady bugs as pest control!

Nothing was 'normal' for us...but thats what kept us coming back for more. With every new exciting venture, we continued longing to extend the 'newness' of each moment of our day.

That is what life is about! The Lord has given us so much beauty to enjoy, but it is up to us to experience it! That's what I feel like we did today...and it was such a phenomenal experience!

I will write in more detail about our excursions but I just wanted to leave you with this...take a day to do something you truly enjoy. You will be amazed at how it affects the rest of your life!

Go out & enjoy!

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