Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quick Update...

My garden is flourishing and I've been blessed with not only food, but beauty as well! The bees are constantly abuzz near my lavender, the humming bird couple are beginning to compete for territory rights amidst my flowers, the frogs are gathering near my water gardens, and I even have an enormous spider on my front porch keeping pesky insects at bay! Everything feels so wonderfully alive!

One of my proudest moments however, among my flowers at least, is this: my major bulb 'haul' (all bulb packages were $.50!!!) has provided me with beautiful peonies! I'm so happy; I've never had a peony open and now I finally have a few!

Not only is this exciting for me but I've learned something as doesn't have to always be expensive and perfect to be beautiful. With time and care, beauty is easy to stumble upon!


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