Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And the Water Flowed...

I'm exuberantly proclaiming...I have COMPLETELY finished my potting bench! I finished the sink and faucet; I completed it's plumbing, and have successfully created a bench which is not only a good place for food and drinks to gather at barbecues, but a place I can use to transplant plants, seedlings, and wash my fresh produce! I'm excited to break it in!!

I found a faucet down at my local Habitat for Humanity thrift store. I was going to piece together an entire faucet out of used metal pipes but I figured since this water was going to be used on something I was going to consume, I should go ahead and buy be safe. So after I had secured the faucet, I found PVC pipe in my garage I had gotten for another project that would work perfectly. I also realized I had the PVC glue and all I needed was a few joints and adapters to complete this project. I found what I needed, assembled, glued, caulked, and waited for everything to dry. I added a support brace, since I made it our of simple PVC pipe, and was ready to hook up the garden hose and see if it actually worked.

I turned the water on at the house and walked to my bench; with a great sigh, I turned the spigot to turn on the water. It worked!! Water was gracefully pouring from the faucet into the sink; perfectly perfect for what I needed!

This last weekend, I was also fortunate enough to find some industrial casters to put at the base of my bench. Come winter, I would be able to move this very large piece into the garage and protect if from our harsh winters. These casters put me back a meager $1 for four (a GREAT deal!!) but would make life so much easier! It also raised the height of the bench by about three inches, now just out of reach to make it uncomfortable to work on. My solution: make a long and wide step so you can work cohesively without having to stop and move a step.

So far, I love it! I used it quickly to rinse my tomatoes for dinner and I  just stood at it to get a good feel for it; give me a perspective for what I can look forward to doing there!

I guess, my reasoning for sharing this is that yes, I'm proud of it, but there is so much more. For so long I have told myself that if it's complicated, it would be easier and simpler to just buy something that would work. After this, I've proved myself SO WRONG! If I can envision it, I can make it happen or build it to suit me. You can too! Work slowly, do a little research, talk to others who might know about the subject and get to work on it yourself. It means so much if you've done something yourself. Perfect or not is no longer the issue. You created it, it works for what you need, and it is perfect in its imperfections! Stand back and be proud. You can do it, we ALL can!

I hope this inspires you to get out there and try something new. When you do, share it with us!! It's so encouraging to hear what others are doing!


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