Sunday, August 12, 2012

Harvest Day: The Beginning

Harvest Supper!
I have so much to be thankful this very moment! I know I posted this morning about my very first peony bloom (and, just a little back-ground, peonies are among my favorite flowers; they made up my wedding bouquet and reception table decorations) and all of the beauty my gardens are providing me with. However, it wasn't until I spent a much needed day amidst my vegetables, that I can truly and completely be excited. You see, I think this year is by far, at least thus far, my most productive and rewarding year since I started my little homestead in the high desert! It is truly satisfying!!

Bonny Best
Black Ethiopian
I had the distinct honor of picking both of these beauties this morning. They are, very happily announced, tomatoes I started from seed this last February!

I also picked another mess of green beans and my first few Burgundy beans! I'm so excited to cook them and watch their color change from a beautiful purple to a vibrant green! Hopefully within the next few days we'll be highlighting them in our meal, so I'll let you know who the transformation is! :)

My carrots are coming on strong as are my first few zucchini! I finally have been blessed with these most commonly known as 'overporductive' plants (zucchini) blossom end rot is not nearly as much as a problem this summer!

 My potatoes died a little early this year (I'm going to blame it on the fact I grew them in buckets and they weren't watered when we became busy with work and life...oops!), so we just have small 'new' or 'baby' potatoes! They may be small but will be just as delicious!!

Notice the purple potato? Yes indeed, those are the starts we got from Lowe's for $.50 at the beginning of summer!! Wahoo!! Mark another one off for Lowe's!!

My onions are beautiful as well! They have dried nicely and I am looking forward to enjoying both my walla-walla's and my cippolini's!!

As I took a tour of my garden and examined all that had taken place in recent weeks, I was encouraged by what met my eyes: so much bounty to look forward to!

I hope you have a chance to enjoy your gardens much as I have in recent days. Please take a moment and gaze upon your hard work, diligence, and persistence. There is nothing more rewarding (at least as far as I'm concerned!). :)

Please share with us all that has been going on in your garden...what is ripening, opening, flourishing; what are you proud of, and any tips you have to share! Reading and sharing is how we learn!!

Enjoy! :)

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