Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Big Summer Project

So, as if I have nothing else to do, I've decided to accept the challenge of making an outdoor potting/washing station for my back patio. I've been wishing I had a place to wash all of my fresh fruits & vegetables so I don't get dirt and gravel in my drain, or track dirt and bugs all over my house, or get potting soil everywhere but my pots. So my solution is a large bench with sink, faucet, shelves, and hangers.

Not wanting to spend a great deal of money on this thing, I hunted for leftover wood, screws, hooks, sink, etc. By the end of day one, my frame & counter are done. Now all I have to do is create a countertop, find a faucet & adapters, finish the shelves, & paint.

I wanted to share this experience because when we put our minds to a task, no matter how hard it may be, we can work through it and make it fit our needs with what we have or can afford. Don't ever sell yourself short; don't tell yourself you can't do something before you try. Do that, and you've already failed! Ask for help, strength, and direction & you'll be amazed what you can do!!

I'll keep you posted in my progress! However, in the mean time, share your projects or things you've accomplished that make you proud!


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