Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Another Good Deal!

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE to go 'thrifting' at garage sales, thrift stores, second-hand stores, outlets, and all the like!! I really enjoy going with my mom and sister, but sometimes I am 'forced' (so hard to convince me to go peruse a trift-store or stop by a garage sale ;-) to go alone. The following two items are my newest great deals and obsessions!! I'm so excited to share them!

The first would be this grinder. I was at a local St. Vincent De Paul store and stumbled across this curious apparatus for $.75. I recognized the brand, Kuhn Rikion Switzerland, and thought I would give it a try...after all, it was on the 50% off color tag as well! When I returned home, I washed it up and tried it out. It is the most wonderful grinder I think I have ever had the privilege of using!! It is fairly fine, but is adjustable, and it disperses the spice/salt/what-have-you in a beautifully large radius compared to most grinders on the market! I love it and sooooo worth my thirty-some odd cents! :)
 I also found a pair of shoes I'm really excited about as well. I paid 50 cents for an unused pair of beautiful, brown leather loafers, no signs of ever being worn and fit like a glove. I fell in love with them and figured I'd get my 50 cents worth of use out of them. Since they were so nice, when I returned home, I googled the brand to see if I could find reviews on the brand. As I browsed, I saw how much they usually retailed for...$115!! I couldn't believe it! I had just paid $.50 for a $115 pair of shoes!! I love them, am proud of my find, and can't wait to wear them...all winter!

My usual day of 'thrifting' doesn't always lead to such extreme deals. Sometimes I just save a little or stumble across something I didn't know I needed. ;-) But I never let this fact discourage me from going! I'm a firm believer in reusing what we have and finding good deals! Go out and explore; sometimes you win sometimes you just learn. No matter what, though, it can be a great time!

I hope you can go out and find some deals of your own!! Let us know what you've found...this much excitement needs to be shared!


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