Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Funniest Thing Happened...

Today was filled with unexpected moments! And sometimes those days are matter how suddenly they seem to emerge. But this day, no matter what seemed to consume it, I was overwhelmed and excited about what it presented!

First thing this morning I went to work...and received a message from a beautiful friend of mine. She is coming to visit me for the weekend; excitement is literally all I can say that is consuming me now!!!
So, along with excitement, I know several things have popped up today that I think are fun and interesting.

First, as I went out to clean up the garden, I stumbled across what looked like a very small honeydew melon. I immediately plucked it from its dieing vine and brought it in to cut up to eat. Since it had been exposed to several frosts, it had become semi-soft so I decided to just cut it up and see what I had.
After cutting into it and trying the flesh of the melon, I'm both enamored and disappointed. The little melon I grew has a very sweet taste to it but it was missing that most marvelous 'flavor' that accompanies a perfectly ripe honeydew melon. My lesson: It needed a bit longer growing season than it received.

 Along with this beautiful melon from my garden this fall, I also experienced something else tonight. As I went out this evening to dump the excess compost, I was met by four beautiful deer and a fairly small fawn. It was truly a beautiful sight to see them so close to my house...especially since all of my crops within their reach are done for the season.

 If my compost scraps give them a little more nourishment for the year I will gladly welcome that. I know deer can devastate a garden and landscape in a season, but we can also enjoy the fact that, once our garden has reached dormancy, we are able to provide sustenance for these beautiful creatures. And having a husband who was fortunate enough to get a four-point buck this year, I'm extremely grateful for their meat as well!

 Aside from the gardening aspect,  I have truly enjoyed the subtle surprises my garden has provided! I have had the opportunity to see birds (of all kinds!), deer, critters, and so many new and different crops... I've been blessed enough to enjoy this year, completely!

But each and every day exposes me to something new! I'm extremely grateful for this!! I can only pray this will continue on!

What makes you grateful this season? How do you and your family choose to spend this time of year? Share, please, I'd love to hear all the stories you can share!!



  1. I know I camplain about our deer, but you can't help but stop and watch them. You get to know them and learn to coexist with each other. I love hearing about all the rewards and surprises you receive from your garden. They always make me smile. S

  2. Thanks! I love going out each day and experience something new... you never know just what awaits around the corner at my little homestead!