Friday, December 21, 2012

The Christmas Stranger

On a daily basis, our lives are constantly impacted by people we don’t know. We run into new people waiting in lines, catching taxis, on the street, at restaurants…the list goes on and on. Some of these meetings are brief – a simple smile and nod – while others offer a chance to laugh with someone we don’t know or share some of the joy and happiness we possess.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed is being a friendly, considerate, and funny stranger; one that makes you step back and smile for the next several hours. I know that when I meet someone like this, my day seems brighter and my soul is lifted – a feeling I want to give to others as much as I want to receive it!
Yesterday, I had an opportunity to attend a basketball game with a very good friend of mine. She is just a joy to be with and we both enjoy random spontaneous acts of kindness and fun. This game was full of it for us both! We were having a wonderful time together; laughing, talking, watching, cheering, and conversing with those in the row ahead and behind us.

After the first quarter, we decided we wanted Cam to snap a picture of us to commemorate our time together. We stood and began smiling and what happened next was completely unexpected! There was an older gentleman in the row in front of us who was casually talking to us and laughing at our antics for the beginning of the game. As we took our poses for a quick pic, he speedily jumped up and struck a pose just as Cam took the picture!

Now it’s a little fuzzy (Cam couldn’t quit laughing) but as you can see, he looks as though we are friends. When my friend and I noticed what was happening, we nearly lost it in laughter! He was so funny…he wouldn’t pose with us after that; he said he was only joking. What he didn’t know is that Cam actually got that picture! So when we finished with our pictures and began returning to our seats, I leaned over and showed him the picture. He laughed and laughed and couldn’t believe that we actually captured that moment of randomness! He grabbed my hand and wished me a very wonderful and blessed Christmas and I returned the sentiment!
It may not seem like much – this small and random encounter – but its effects have been lasting! When I think back to last night, I can’t help but remember this picture and laugh. I’m filled with joy and happiness! It is these feelings I want to show to others I meet.

Especially this time of year, we can become stressed and may find ourselves in a very disagreeable disposition. It happens to us all but it’s what we choose to do with these feelings that is crucial. We can be angry, cold, and distant, making strangers just step back and roll their eyes as we pass. Or, we can turn it around and try to make light of certain circumstances and attempt to better our day and the day of those we meet!
Will you join me? Will you take a stressful moment and turn it into something amusing and memorable? Trust me, it’s fun and will make a difference in someone’s life, guaranteed!

And a quick side note…I had some time to read on our drive and found the most wonderful article on beets in a magazine. I can’t wait to share the new heirloom varieties I want to try and some interesting growing tips I hope to be able to implement in my early spring garden!!

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