Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snow Fun!

Today, two days before Christmas, we had our first HUGE winter snowstorm! It was amazing! From noon until 4 pm we were blessed with huge flakes of snow!

I guess you could say this is the first day of my 'fun' (that was commanded of us in Ecclesiastes) I actually allowed myself to take a break and enjoy God's first true moment of fun and relaxation this Christmas season!

As the seemingly weightless flakes fell from the grey sky, I couldn't wait to get out and enjoy them! Snow angels, snow men, walks through the quiet precious snow-ridden landscape...I just didn't know where to begin. My solution: do them all!!

I took the dogs out into our field for a two-mile walk and then headed back to the house. By the  time we returned, the snow had begun to fall harder and cover the terrain. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with our first big snow: a snow man.

My first attempt was somewhat disastrous. I was rolling a nice ball of snow and one of my dogs decided it was just as awesome as I thought, and he ate part of the ball and sprayed the rest! I couldn't believe it! Obviously, no snowman deserves a yellow base, so I made a base bigger and better than the first. In fact, it was so big, I had to get Cam to help lift the next two layers!! But after his basic shape was in place - directly at the end of our col-de-sac, facing the main road :-) - the REAL fun began!

I found two rocks to serve as eyes, corn stalk leaves to serve as blond hair, a metal finial for a nose, branch arms, and a mouth and buttons made of chestnuts; he stands, greeting all those who come down our little road, a little over 6 feet tall and salutes everyone with a holiday smile! Quite the sight to see. I only wish I had some lights to draw attention to him as the darkness encompasses us so early in the evening!

I also made several snow angels in our field and even had time to make a beautiful dinner with Cam. All-in-all a wonderful day for my little family!

  I am trying to follow Christ's commands to take moments for 'fun' in my daily life. Today was only the first of what I hope to be several more moments of enjoyment I pray I am able to partake in as this year comes to an end and we embark in a new, unknown, and wonderful year!

What fun moments have you decided to make or take-part in? I'd love to hear how you are enjoying this season!!


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  1. I love your snowman and hearing about your fun day. Makes me smile. Looking forward to the days ahead and being with the people I love the most. xoxo