Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Spirit

My little house
I love this time of year! It's full of wonder, family, friendship, kindness, love and peace. It's a time when we all have an 'excuse' to make large amounts of sweet treats - only made once a year - to give away and to indulge in ourselves! It's also a time to seriously reflect on why we can enjoy life; our life, the good and the not so great, and every breath we take. This is a time of year dedicated to celebrating our Saviour, Jesus Christ and the beginning of His ultimate gift. 

Remi enjoying the Christmas tree!
This being said, there are also some traditions - which admittedly are more worldly- which are fun to partake in! One of them for me are the Christmas treats and the Christmas lights! I love to see houses adorned with lights on display for all of us to enjoy; the Christmas tree sparkling in the dark of night; the ambiance of Christmas lights illuminating a window. It's all so beautiful!

Having not grown up celebrating Christmas (a LONG story I don't have time for at the present) I never certain Christmas traditions or customs. My first Christmas was celebrated when I was in High School. We had a simple tree with with lights and just a few ornaments, and we gave each other home-made or thrifted gifts. It was awesome!

The beauty of my family Christmas came in its simplicity. Christmas wasn't about presents and Santa clause. It was about giving, loving, and celebrating the Christ child.

As time has moved on and I've grown older and more mature, I've kept that first Christmas in my heart. It is something I never want to lose sight of! Cam and I decorate our tree with ornaments we have collected or made through our marriage. We try to collect one from each place we visit and then write the occasion and date on each! This is what fills our tree now. Memories. When it's illuminated at night, we can't help but sit back and enjoy it for all it beauty, the memories in represents, and the symbol for which it stands. It's almost angelic (in my opinion)!

I think one of the most important things I think I've clung to is this: what is Christmas truly about?

It's easy to get caught up in the very materialistic ideals and traditions that consume our society. Trust me. I know what it's like to desire certain gifts under the tree and to be so caught up in what we want and have to get for others. Not only is it hectic but very trying as well. The pressure to get the right or perfect gift for people (sometimes even those we don't really know or have a relationship with) is phenomenal, and it can easily overwhelm and bombard you! But this season should be about so much more!

My desire this year is to truly celebrate the 'reason for the season' as-it-were. I want to focus on more than the superficial/material things of the times. I want to get back to needs and necessities; home-made, simple and thoughtful gifts! Gifts given out of love and need and practicality. Like the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Simple. Wonderful.

 Go out and enjoy the beauty of this season! One of our favorite things to do is to drive through numerous sub-divisions and see all of the lights! Its a simple (and inexpensive!!!!) way to have fun as a family and enjoy the season. Cam and I do it every year...we absolutely love it!

This year, lets make Christmas stand for Christmas, and nothing more. Lets give out of necessity, not wants, and thoughtfulness (perhaps in the form of something home-made). The presents aren't what we should focus on this season; lets focus on Christ and family!

How do you feel about the Christmas season? What traditions do you and your family partake in that make such a difference in your lives? Share! It's so wonderful to hear!!


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