Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Fun!

Life has been a whirl-wind since I last wrote. It has been full of visiting friends and family, crafting and making home-made Christmas presents, and work. I've been busy, overwhelmed at times, but have enjoyed every moment of it!

We have finally received our 'winter' weather. It has been cold, blustery, and have had bouts of snow and ice. This type of weather is a gardeners (at least this gardeners) worst time. I don't feel like I can really do anything in or to my garden; I feel stagnant. That is hard for me. I'm a doer. And this time of year means I must take a break from one of my passions and try to replace it with another.

Christmas, for me, is a time to spend with friends and family; creating memories and enjoying the nostalgia of the season. So this year, I've decided to try my had at something new for Christmas presents. Enter, the needle, thread, and sewing machine!

I'm no seamstress. In fact, the best thing I can sew is a pillow or pillow case! Now, I've made a couple of other things, but nothing fantastic. So this year, I wanted to try something new.

 Last year, Cam gave me a wonderful present:
This book was daunting at first. I've had no real sewing experience so the thought of following a pattern or instructions was somewhat intimidating, to say the least! But after some pep-talking (and lack of gardening work :-) I decided to use this book as a starting point for Christmas presents this year!
I must say, this book has done a phenomenal job in teaching me how to make great projects simply
and with only one yard of fabric! After this weekend, and having completed presents for three of my family members, I'm thrilled with this book!
Not only is it a book that is great for beginners, but also a wonderful resource for new and fun ideas. This book will definitely keep me occupied for many years to come. But for this Christmas, I'm so excited to give the ones I love these presents I have created for them.
I know that making 'home-made' presents may seem a little out-dated to some. But this is what I think we need; get back to our more simplistic roots. The thought, time, and love that goes into  a present made by those we love is more meaningful than any amount of money that could be spent.
I hope you are able to sit back this holiday season and rejoice. Not only for family, but for Christ and life! We are so blessed!
Whether you celebrate this Christmas with presents or not, celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!
Sewing was only one of the ways I decided to craft this Christmas! Tomorrow I hope to show you what else I've come up with...and I think they are extremely cute!!!!!
How do you celebrate Christmas? What are some of the traditions you partake in? I love hearing all different stories, so please share!


  1. you make awesome prezzies! :) I tried to put that cute beanie you made alaina last christmas on her the other day in the snow!! I was sad that it didn't fit her anymore, and i had to finally retire it :( Hopefully if i have another fashionista... i can pass it on to her! :)

    1. Aww, thanks! If you have another little fashionista, I'll have to make her something new:-D and I think some of those cookies might just happen to find their way to your house! Thanks!!

  2. oh and btw... i will be really happy with those molasses cookies again.... ;) lol. Every morning after x-mas last year.. i had one with a cup of coffee... and was so sad when they were gone.

  3. Still enjoying your blog everytime it comes!

    Love to see people sewing. If you're on Pinterest, there are pages and pages of sewing tutorials for everything under the sun, and for all levels, to make some of those techniques less daunting.

    1. I will definately look at Pintrest for tutorials and ideas! Admittidly, I never even thought about it, so thanks! Last Christmas, I went on a crocheting kick...I was making cute beanies with flowers on them for my relatives. I watched several you-tube videos for instruction and it seemed to work out. I'm excited to check out Pintrest for something new!!

      Thank you for your support as well! I'm glad you are enjoying it! Thanks!