Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Garden in the Making

This time of year is definitely hard for me; I love the holidays, family and friends, and all the wonder winter brings. However, I always seem to find myself in a gardeners "frump." I want to be outside and feel the dirt on my hands; see the weeds that need to be pulled; smell the fresh cut grass and the redolent blossoms appearing throughout my gardens. I miss the business my garden brings.

I have found things to occupy my time though...and in the best of ways! I've had so much fun making crafts and Christmas presents. But now that Christmas has passed, I'm left with a desire to jump back into my garden. The solution I have come up with: Garden planning!

I've been getting several different seed/gardening catalogues in the mail. I usually just throw them in the recycling, but my eagerness to create and nurture God's simple gift - nature - has led me to decide to flip through them before I tossed them out. That is exactly what I needed to take action on the fondness I feel to gardening.

As I thumbed through the different catalogues, and the different categories in each, I was completely overwhelmed with the variety I saw! I had no idea there were so many sub-species to the basic 'vegetable' plants. There are the heirlooms, hybrids, award-winners, taste-test winners, company exclusive species, cold-hardy, heat tolerant...the list goes on and on! But as I basked at all of the descriptions of each plant, I couldn't help but fall in love with several (more than Cam would like ;-) plants that I would be overjoyed to try out in my garden next year!!

My selections tended to be on the safe or basic side; I want beets, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peas, chard and spinach. I know there is so much else out there though. Two years ago, we tried Ground Cherries - beautiful, sweet, but aside from jam, we really didn't use them - and last year we tied Kohlrabi - a delightful and delicious tuber we will try again!! - and corn. So this year, we need to try something fun and unexpected. But I'm really at a loss...I'm not sure what else we should try or what would fit us.

So I am seeking your help and advice. Do you have any suggestions on what I should try-out this year in my garden (keeping in mind I have a short growing season and limited the moment)? Even if it's not a new plant, a new type of plant would also be welcomed. I've ordered several new tomato plants already (can't wait to try them! Be on the look out in February for these newses!) and I've done a little research about beets. Other than that, I'm pretty naive.

Any variety or type of plant for my garden this coming spring would be warmly welcomed! If no specific idea comes to mind, even a web-site or catalogue would work. I guess what I'm saying here is this: I need some help in deciding what my garden should consist of and incorporate this coming year. I'm so excited, like a kid in a candy store (to borrow the colloquialism), I just cant decide!!

In the midst of crafts, creations, and dreams of my spring garden, I've enjoyed the snow and cold weather we have been blessed with! It's enchanted; I sit in my formal living room, with the Christmas tree aglow and my fireplace burning, just watching the snow fall and gracefully cover the (my) world! It's phenomenal!

Lend me your advice and thoughts! I'd LOVE to hear them and welcome them with anxious arms!


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