Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas for the Birds

Here it is. As promised, my craft for Christmas that I think is SUPER cute!
As you know, I love birds! There is something so whimsical and magical about them. So when I spot a cute bird figurine or a salubrious bird feeder, I'm I sucker! So, this Christmas, when I discovered this particular craft in a Better Homes and Gardens e-mail, I knew I had to make it!
It was actually a craft made from an almond. Having no access to 'cheap' almonds, I decided to adapt this project slightly. I had several wine corks that I figured would work, so I whittled them down to the basic shape of an almond and worked from there!
These beautiful little bird ornaments are quite cute and fun, but are fairly time consuming; due mainly to the fact that everything you make for them is so small. Once you get the feel for what you are doing, you can create a sort of assembly-line to do several at one time. At least that’s what I found to work the best for me ;)
As I mentioned, I adapted this craft to fit with what I had on hand. Instead of using an almond for the body, I used a wine cork. For the little wire legs, I had some old small gauge wire in my garage. I cut three small pieces (per leg), twisted them together and bent one end to create the ‘feet.’ I made each little cap out of whatever scrap material I had around in my fabric tub and the beak from yellow cardstock I found at the Dollar store (a template for each can be found along with some instructions and the Better Homes and Gardens web-page: bird ornament).
 After about two hours, super glue, hot glue, a needle and thread, a black sharpie, and some twig hunting, I had finished my first bird ornament! I was ecstatic and quite enthusiastic about the fact I had finished a new craft!
The next three were made in assembly-line fashion and seemed to make my completion several hours later that much more rewarding!
One more craft I finished at the beginning of December was my 25 days of Christmas screen! I took different fabrics, papers, stickers, and anything else I could incorporate to create 25 unique clothes pins and tags to represent each of the 25 days before Christmas. On the back of each of the tags, I wrote a bible verse. So each day, instead of a present, we could be blessed with God’s word! I thought it was a fairly cleaver idea J
I hope you enjoy this! If you feel like making something this season as a last minute gift or simply for yourself, I encourage you to try this craft or any other one that sparks your interest!


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