Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have just put in the last of my crops for the year, I think ;-) Between rain showers and work last week, I managed to plant two more different varieties of green beans (I have a lot of plants...I'm hoping for lots of beans...I love to freeze them and enjoy them all winter!!). My two newest varieties are Yard Long Asian pole beans (long delicious pods often used in Asian dishes) and Royal Burgundy bush beans (burgundy on the bush but turn green when cooked!!). I'm excited to see how these do!

I was also able to plant my cucumbers. I have been unable to be a successful cucumber grower in previous years, but I feel this is MY year! I have Straight-Eight, Tendergreen, and Lime Crisp...I am confident I will be able to enjoy fresh cucumbers this summer! I'll keep you posted on their progress!

Are you trying anything new this year? Please share any advice or new/interesting produce varieties you are trying out! I'd love to hear and even try them out myself! :-)

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