Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Evenings of Garden Fresh Veggies

It's finally time for me to say, "I went out into my back garden and picked kale, collards, and turnips to enjoy for dinner!!" That feels so fulfilling to say; to know that a big part of my meal was provided to us by my hard work, care, and a certain amount of dedication. I'm feeling my rewards now, and this is just the beginning of it!

We sauteed the kale, collards, and turnip greens with garlic, olive oil, and mushrooms...added some brown rice and chicken...dinner was served!

There is something about going into your garden and being able to provide food for your family that I find so completing. It refreshes my spirit and reminds me that no matter how hectic things seem, everything begins - and ends - with such simple complexity.

Go out and enjoy! Experience all that is around you, try a new food, experiment with a new seed variety, or simply try out a small garden (even if it's only a few pots on your patio!). Wherever you are in life, experience, or dreams, I hope you will enjoy the simple satisfaction which you can create!

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