Monday, June 25, 2012

Indoor Gardens

When the words 'indoor garden' are uttered to me I automatically associate a large greenhouse filled with all of the fruits and vegetables I would have in my outdoor garden, and would even encompass many of the more tropical/exotic plants that thrive in heat and humidity. It would be a place lush and full of intrigue...I envision my little paradise! But as I grow in age and experience :-), I have come to understand that there is so much more to the meaning of indoor gardening than I had originally thought. Grandiouse is wonderful, but it is not necessary. A few herbs in a window box, or tomatoes in a warm window, or an orange tree in your greenhouse...I would even go as far to say that many houseplants would even fall into this category (my defininition is pretty broad :-). Whatever you have or are trying out, the extent of your 'indoor garden' is purly up to your discretion!

I think one of the best things about my indoor garden is that the foods I have decided to grow are those that mature and die quickly, then you must replant - however, this doesn't include my houseplants, just my food indoor garden - like lettuce, herbs, and sprouts! I've gotten several pickings off my lettuces this year and I'm learning to grow my own sporuts. I LOVE spouts! Some people compare them to eating grass...but I enjoy their refreshing flavor and the cool crispiness of each tender young sprout! As a plus, they are easy and fast to grow, and I'd like to show you how rewarding and easy they are!

Most importantly, you must first outfit yourself with the right equipment for the job. You will need either a sprout growing kit (I have seen some that are a series of plastic containers you porcess your sprouts in...for a kit, definately follow the manufacturer insturctions) or simply a mason jar, a jar-ring fitted with screen, and sprourting seeds. It's that simple.

  •  Starting with a clean jar, lid, and screen, simply add the amout  of  seeds you desire to sprout into the empty mason jar. My seeds recommend anywhere from a tablespoon to a quarter-cup of seeds. I generally do two to three tablespoons of seed per jar.

  • Fill the jar with tap water, room temperature, to cover all of the seeds. Replace the screen lid and let it sit on the counter for 24 hrs.

  • After 24 hrs., drain the water from the seeds by simply pouring the water out through the screen lid. When almost all of the water is out of the jar, simply tap the seeds off the screen and back into the jar and lay the jar on its side. Let it sit for another 24 hrs.

  • Every day, all you have to do is fill the jar with water, swish it about, and strain the water out; rinsing the seeds.

  • After about a day or two, you will begin to see the seeds sprout. Keep rinsing and drianing until you are ready to eat!

 A breif word of caution: If your sprouts are left too long in warmer temperatures, they can begin to spoil in the moist jar. I have found if I am diligent with my rinsing and start to place them in the refridgerator when thery are almost ready to eat, they last slightly longer.

I hope whatever you choose to encompass in your indoor garden it is something you enjoy and can share with others. Just remember: beauty and bounty don't have to mean difficult...sometimes simplicity is key!

Best of luck!


  1. How are your orange and lemon plants??? I want some of my own!

    Love ya!

  2. :-) unfortunately, they are very finicky. We've gotten several lemons, as well as quite a few calomandrins...they have been delicious!! But I'm with you; I want so badly to grow my own. If you have someplace that is sunny, humid, and consistently warm, then you are in primo shape. I just have a green-house window, so it still experiences our extrememly cool evenings. I will also admit we have been fighting a bit of Scale... :-( they aren't at their peak at the moment.But with our efforts they seem to be slowly bouncing back!
    We actually bought these trees on sale at Lowe's last year. They were $8/small tree, but I think the pure joy of growing them yourself is definately worth it!! And we can even bask in the satisfaction that we did grow a few of our own fruits!!! :)

    Love you too!!
    Ready for your visit!