Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Standing Strong

As I examine my garden and the 'garden' which surrounds me, I am completely amazed how everything has adapted to our sometimes extreme weather. Whether it be the wind, or rain, or hot days and cold nights, or the wind (yes, I did meant to say it twice...it's horrible at times in the spring!), or the almost torrential rains we receive...no matter the situation, things seem to acclimatize and thrive! Sometimes I have such a hard time because I can't even adapt to the cloudy gray skies we've been having, let alone try to adapt to the changing climates and outside conditions!

This being said, I know I owe a lot to my creator Father, who so dutifully and strategically planned how all things would and could work together for good.

When you take a moment to notice how plants adapt to their environments, you will notice a common theme...each one does it. There is always an ideal time, temperature, and condition for each and when this time arises, each flourishes! They do not worry if beautiful days will come...they just wait for them to arrive. This is a lesson we should all learn. We need to stand strong in our beliefs and dreams. Stand strong in faith and be confident in that faith that good days and blessings will find us...we just have to trust and wait.

Let It Be

'Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.'
~Matthew 6:34

I want control over today and tomorrow. I know You can do a much better job, Lord, but I still battle for control. I don't have a great track record when I try to take the reins from Your hands. Let today affect my tomorrow. Give me the strength I need in this moment to give You my tomorrow.

There will be worries. There will be struggles. But tomorrow is also filled with possibility. I am inching close to eternity, and this is a journey I want to savor, not suffer through. Give me the courage to live fully today and await tomorrow with great hope.

(from One Minute Prayers For Women)

I hope this provides some encouragement as you move throughout your days! Enjoy

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