Friday, May 11, 2012

Taking a Gardening "Time-Out"

Each day in the garden is a beautiful and unique experience. It is constantly changing and always encompasses each of our senses.

But as gardeners, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the things that need done, or the projects we wish to embark on, or ideas we wish to pursue. While these are what I thrive on, as well as many others I'm sure, sometimes we just need to take a "time-out".

Now this could mean several things: perhaps you've worked yourself to exhaustion or to the point where it has become a chore instead of a passion; maybe you just need a change of pace for a day or a break from "life". Whatever the reason, even if there really isn't one, all of us deserve a time-out; a time when we can walk into our gardens and appreciate its beauty, life, fulfillment, and peace.

I know I take far too few of these so, in honor of National Garden's Day, I did just that.

I spent my morning enjoying my coffee in the gorgeous sunshine. I listened to the birds serenading me as I sipped my hot joe, the trickling of my waterfall as the water gracefully cascaded down the rocks, and consumed by the sweet fragrance of lilacs that filled the cool breeze whispering around my face.
Albeit a small time-out, it was just enough to center and re-energize me. I felt renewed and at peace...a place I desperately needed at the end of a hectic week. And sometimes, this is all it takes for us to make it through our day. The garden becomes a place of beauty and relaxation; what we intended it to be all along. It is finally a chance for us to stop and say "what can my garden do for me today!"

Whatever a time-out means to you, please take it! You deserve it! It reminds us to live in the moment and truly enjoy the life we've been given!

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