Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Few Introductions

I think it's time for me to introduce you to part of my motley crew. So, here goes...

When we first moved to Madras, I was extremely lonely because I moved so far from all my family and friends. I remember driving by a house one day that had a sing posted at the end of their driveway, "Free Kittens". Needless to say, I found myself knocking at a strangers door to inquire about a kitten.

I remember being greeted by a woman and five gorgeous little specimens of a cat; each one a different color and personality. (At this point I should mention that my husband was not with me...I made this call pretty much on my own:) I immediately grabbed a timid little beauty and knew she was coming home with me! She clung so tightly to me and tried to nuzzle around my neck...absolutely precious!

Then I began to look at the other kittens. I was also drawn to an orange and white kitten who was so curious and friendly. Making matters worse, my husbands childhood cat was 'Sherman' an orange and white cat that held a ton of great memories. What is a girl to do? Does she pick something that she loves or does she sacrifice her wants and act on the love of her spouse?

Neither!! I took them both!!

I was ecstatic but I knew my husband would most likely be less than thrilled...he's a self proclaimed 'dog' person;) So I called him and said I found a free kitten and was bringing her home. He was fine. Then I sent him a picture...of the both of nothing flat, my phone began to ring. When I answered, I wasn't greeted with harsh words or ridicule. No, instead i was embraced with laughter. Not only was he OK with two kittens, he couldn't wait for me to bring them home! I knew his heart would melt just as mine did when he laid eyes on the two of them.

From the instant I let them out of the cat crate clear until we went to bed that night, my husband couldn't keep them out of his sights! They were so curious and adorable. Meet 'Clyde' (Cam's orange and white cat) and 'Bindy' (my angel).

Clyde...he looks angry in this picture
but don't be fooled! He's the most
friendly cat I've ever met!
As kittens go though, they grow up. They soon morphed into two little hellions! They were into everything, everywhere, and broke so much of my nice stuff that I was beginning to rethink the whole pet idea. I remember having to separate the two of them by putting one - usually Clyde- into the bathroom for a 'time-out.' When we did this, Bindy would sit outside the bathroom door and put her paw under the door almost comforting and consoling was adorable!

Two years later, I went out my front door and was met by a very friendly and VERY pregnant cat! It was July and somehow she had made a little home under my front porch. Well, I wanted to make sure she and the babies were safe, so I moved her into one of the bedrooms upstairs; gave her food, water, a litter box, and a bed, and waited for the kittens to arrive.

She finally had six little babies.


I was thrilled until I realized I had seven cats at my house that weren't mine and that I couldn't keep! In almost a panic, I called all our family and friends trying to find someone in need of a cat. After a month of trying, we were able to find homes for all but one kitten. I was more than happy to accept one more into my house. This is 'Izaboo'. She is extremely timid but very loving.

So here they are, three of my crew! Each day is an experience with these three...but just wait 'till I tell you about our dogs!!

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