Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Operation 'Garden 2012' Nearing Completion

This weekend was exquisite! Our wind died down a bit, the rain ceased, the sun emerged from its hiding place amongst the clouds, and the days grew warmer; we are finally nearing late spring/early summer in the High Desert, thank goodness!

Fun pic of produce!
So, just as I said I would, I was finally able to plant almost everything out for my garden. My tomatoes (all of which I started from seed in February), my corn, green beans, more beets, zucchini and summer squash. I waited on my peppers since I know they like warmer weather and our nights are still dipping into the upper 30's to low 40's...I will try to get them out this week or next, since we are supposed to start seeing daytime highs of 80+!! Did I mention how exciting that concept is for me?!

I'm thrilled to see my tomato crop this year! It's the first year I haven't bought any tomato plants from the store and the first year trying some new heirlooms! Here is what is growing, tomato-wise, in my garden: Big Rainbow, Pineapple, German Green, Black Ethiopian, Beefsteak, Zapotec Pleated, Black Krim, Georgia Streak, & Crnkovic Yugoslavian. These are all of the heirloom variety so their flavor is immaculate! (Can you tell how much I LOVE tomatoes? :)

I am also looking forward to my corn 'crop.' The decision to plant corn this year was quite extemporaneous for us...but I'm extremely enthusiastic about it. Since our garden plot is small, we planted about six short rows of corn, side-by-side for optimal pollination, in an area that will get plenty of sun and water. I went with Silver Choice Hybrid Sweet Corn because it matures early - and since our growing season is so short, I need something that will grow and mature quickly.

As far as everything else goes thus far, it's beautiful. Things are starting to show signs of growth and are beginning to flourish in the sun...as am I! Everything is outrageously green because of all the rain we have had, which is unusual for the High Desert, but I'm thankful for none-the-less!

So, weather permitting, my wish is that you can all get out and dig your hands into the ever warming soil! It's time to get our gardens into gear and a time for you to experience the joys and fruits of your labours! Relish it...it doesn't seem to last long enough!

If you have any stories about your crops, seed varieties, garden techniques, or even questions, please share them. I'd love to see how everyone else is fairing this time of year!


  1. Yes, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how or what to grow in a very hot climate, that reaches the highs of 120 degrees sometimes? Thanks for your help.

    1. I must admit, I'm not an expert - by any means - at gardening in such extremely warm area's. The hightest our temperatures in the summer usually top at 110 degrees, and even then its usually for only a day! But you got me thinking so I did a little research. I found these two websites full of good advice, suggestions, varieties you should grow, and even a timeline on when things should be done. Here they are: http://www.phxgardening.com/grow-vegetables.html (Phoenix Gardening),
      http://cals.arizona.edu/maricopa/garden/html/general/hort.htm (University of Arizona)

      I hope this helps and you can find a way to get a garden even in that heat!
      Best of Luck!!