Friday, May 31, 2013

{this moment}

Today, I'm joining Amanda (soulemama) and Olive & Owl (a link to her site) with {this moment}.

A simple picture from the week. No words, no explanation, just a simple moment of time captured and shared.

Please feel free to share your moments as well! It's so fun to see what other beauty is captured in a weeks time!


  1. I swoon for peonies. Ours haven't bloomed here yet. I remember growing up with my Grandparents and they had bunches of peonies planted around the house - so very fond memories of that flower!

    1. As do I! It was the flower of my wedding bouquet and at every table at our reception! I remember using the flowers form my mom's garden...we were so worried they wouldn't open in time for the ceremony...but they did! Mine will be open for me on my wedding anniversary this Friday. Five years...I'm so excited! Glad to hear about your passion for this exquisite flower! :)