Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1: May Day

Today was May Day. Many - ok, most - overlook it, mainly probably due to the lack of information about the day. I've always seen May Day as a celebration of spring, and envision children playing around a may-pole. It wasn't until today that I learned more about this little holiday.

Here in the U.S., it has become a tradition on this day to put a basket of flowers and goodies on someone's front porch, ring the bell, and run away. If you are caught you get a kiss. We are celebrating the beauty and onset of spring. I must say though, I've never partaken in this tradition...but I would love to get a basket of fresh spring flowers on my porch!

It is also a day in which we are to - should is the better word here - recognize and appreciate workers, ALL workers (however, I think this is something we should do on a daily basis!).

But for different countries, this day means something different. I'm always fascinated about other cultures so a little research was definitely something I whole-heartedly grasped! The best place I found for information about, and history of, May day was Wikipedia. I found it fun and interesting to learn a little bit about the beliefs, traditions, and celebrations of this - in my book - beautiful reminder of spring!

No matter how you feel, or don't feel, about May Day, I hope we are all thankful for the blessings we find in our lives. Whether big or small, magnificent or okay, happy or solemn, may we always take comfort in the fact that we are in a place of God's divine creation...and for a reason! Let us be continually thankful! I know I am!

Happy May Day!


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