Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Spring. Everything is beginning anew. The birds, critters, bugs and other animals are leaving their winter homes and coming out to gaze upon the new world. Plants are sending out leaf buds and early flowers to denote the arrival of what beauty is about to befall us. This is a magnificent time of year!

After having spent the entire day in my garden on Sunday, I can appreciate this even more!

The appreciation I feel is about more than just the warming weather, growing vegetation, and rerunning wildlife though. I'm thankful for the chores I find at my hands. To me, this is more than just work. It is a time in which I can reflect about life, I can create anything (well, almost) I can envision, and I am continuously rewarded by beauty beyond measure! Where some might see back-breaking work, I see life, peace, and potential.

 This time of year is so incredibly moving to me...if you couldn't already tell! I find myself waking early anticipating the time I can spend in my garden after I get home from work! I will be the first to admit though, the weather hasn't been all that cooperative these last few days. We have been graced with constant 15-20 mph winds and nighttime temperatures in the mid 20's...so I haven't been able to do too much outside. But, every morning as the sun rises above the eastern mountains, my garden is filled with the warmth of the early morning sun. And even as the wind billows around my homestead, howling through open doors and windows, I find myself in a place of such peace.

Gardens are practical. Gardens can provide nourishment. But a garden, my garden, provides me with so much more...it provides me with hope. Hope in the things to come; hope in the work that lies ahead; hope in something greater than myself.

As I gaze in wonder at my garden every sunrise and sunset, I am filled with the promise of life. I love spring!

What does spring mean to you? What kinds of things does your garden evoke this time of year for you? Please share...I love to hear all the joy others get from their gardens!

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