Monday, April 15, 2013

Of Course It Is!

After all we have been through this spring - temperatures in the 70's, extremely high winds, rain, night-time lows back into the 20's, sunny, cloudy, did I mention windy? - the hail/snow mix we experienced today topped it off! I know every year possesses its challenges but for whatever reason, this season seems to have so many more extremes than years past. I have had to adapt, readapt, and readapt to my re-adaptation...I hope there's a learning curve!

But seriously, I have kind-of enjoyed this weird weather pattern of the high desert lately!

I've taken up a third part-time job, so I'm literally feeling like a fish out of water! It's been a difficult transition and so many things have gone unattended-to as far as chores go and I've noticed, oh how I've noticed! My house is in disarray, laundry is piling up, and my dust is thick enough to write in. One strict day of cleaning is in order but oddly enough, I'm ok with the fact that I will get to it when I get to it (a deep cleaning will be in my near future:-).

But one extra perk from working so much at so many different places is that I truly appreciate my time spent in my garden; more so than ever before I, I know! That is why I've been trying to garden even on the worst of weather days. So when the hail/snow flurries began today, I didn't let that stop me. I transplanted some of my winter squashes and found a few minutes to take our dogs out for a quick run.

There is always something wonderful enmeshed in each day, we just have to learn to recognize and appreciate them. Some days require more work than others, some even more, but a little positivity can change a chore into an experience.

So as the hail covered my spring garden, I realized that noting ever goes according to plan. God has given us the ability to adapt, accept change, and work with it for the betterment our spirits! And that is where I find myself tonight. I'm content. There is a lot still on my plate, but tonight I am both comfortable and satisfied at where I find myself. God has blessed us with so much that I cannot help but be thankful for all I have been allowed to do!

Tonight, I'm also thankful for my wonderful husband, Cam. Today he turned 30! While I embarrassed him at the office this morning by hanging a giant "Happy Birthday" banner above his cubical, he enjoyed a day filled with family and friends...and pizza!! Hahaha! He's been looking forward to 'Mexican Pizza' from Charlie's Pizzeria here in town all week! And yes, the birthday boy got his wish! :-)

As gardeners - or prospective gardeners or just garden lovers - change is remarkable! It is the newness that keeps things exciting and breathtakingly beautiful! I hope you can embrace it...I know I am!

So when you step into your garden and begin to plan and envision, take it all in! You never know just when the new ideas will prove useful!


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