Thursday, May 23, 2013

Homestead Update

This spring has presented me with several challenges which, I hope, are just more moments to learn. For one, the weather has been so extreme! We went from freezing temperatures at night with warm days, to hot days and warm nights, back to rain, snow, and cold temperatures. All of my cool weather crops bolted early because of the extreme heat and some are somewhat stunted in their growth.

Along with the other spring mayhem (wind, storms, and unpredictability) I am going to have to say the latest odd weather patterns have been the hardest for me. I want so desperately to plant but I'm afraid that if I jump the gun, I'll lose everything! So, as for now, the only thing I have allowed myself to plant are my cool weather crops. All of my more warm weather crops are safely nestled in the green house, in my western facing window, or still in their packages awaiting their move to the ever warming soil.

But amidst my uncertainty, the crops I planted early this spring - the ones somewhat stunted by the latest heat wave - have been providing us with a little bounty each day! I've been picking swill chard, spinach, bok Choy, and kale for our salads each night. My lettuces are just about ready to harvest and today I even picked a handful of radishes! Everything thus far has been, flavor-wise at least,  delicious. Pure and simple. I feel so blessed!

We aren't overrun by crops by any means. In fact, we have just enough! But what a blessing it has been. I love being able to step out into the back garden and pick just enough for dinner, and know that what we are eating is delicious and nutritious!

This Memorial day weekend, I am hoping to be able to plant the rest of my vegetable garden! I have a bit more tending to do to the soil, but other than that, I'm ready to get everything started...finally!

How is your garden fairing these days? What are you harvesting and what are you hoping to accomplish this long weekend? I'd love to hear, so feel free to share!!


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