Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Because Everyone NEEDS a Ceramic Lion!

Garden art/d├ęcor, vintage finds, rummage sales, thrift stores. To me, these are such simple and beautiful words describing some of my favorite things, outside of gardening of course, that so often overlap!
Since I had the privilege of spending several days with my mom - because she came to visit - we decided to take some time to do a little 'thrift-ing'! We both love it and having someone to spend the day with makes it all the more for one day, we went to any/all of the thrift stores and rummage sales our hearts desired. It was a long day on our feet but we enjoyed every moment immensely and found some really awesome treasures!
At a little thrift store, I stumbled across this really cute vintage watch. I fell in love with how dainty and cute it was, and also at the fact that it fit my small wrist PERFECTLY! Only thing was that no one knew if it would work with a new battery or if it were simply just broken. But for $1, I took a chance. I had faith that a battery would fix it!

We made a quick pit-stop at a mega-store to see if they had a battery to quickly check the functionality of my new watch. I purchased it (which cost me more than the watch itself, ha!), placed it in my watch, and replaced the back panel. I was completely dismayed when I turned it face up and there was no movement. Determined not to have failed, I wiggled the battery, removed it and put it back it, but to no avail. That second hand still wouldn't move. Finally, super disappointed, I finally took the watch face and gently tapped it on the handle of my shopping cart to see if that would jar...something. And that's all it took! It started ticking away and has been keeping time ever since!

Score one for the day!!

Next, we came across this awkward little table 'thing.' I'm not really in need of any more furniture but one thing I've been keeping an eye open for is a mantel. As a little background - for those who don't know - a mantel has always been a desire of mine. I've longed for and researched how much it would be to have a woodstove or fireplace installed in our house. I love wood heat, the ambiance and nostalgia they create for me, but financially it is a little beyond our reach. So Cam bought me a little electric fireplace heater for Christmas. I LOVE it! It is so cute and perfect for our little living room. The only thing it was missing was a mantel; one in which we could hang our stockings from; one in which to decorate for the different seasons.

This little table didn't' look like much standing on its own. To be quite honest, I'm not even sure what it was originally used or designed for. But the longer we stared at it, the more mantel-like it became. It may be hard to envision for some, but trust me when I say it's amazing how a little structural rearranging completely transformed this humble piece of furniture! In fact, I've almost completely finished it and can't wait to show you what it looks like now!!

To wrap up our day of fun - my coup de grace so-to-speak - I stumbled across this magnificent specimen:
When I first saw it, I was partially joking when I said how great it would look sitting on my front porch, guarding my doorway, or on my new path in the back adding visual interest and fun. But this lion began to represent pure spontaneity and fun for with the perfect asking price, I brought him home!
 As weird as he may appear to be for a homesteader to have, I think it is something fun we will enjoy for years to come. If nothing else, it will be a great conversation starter!

I couldn't believe how well he has been accepted into the family (haha)! Clyde, my orange and overly friendly and needy cat, has even adapted quite nicely. :)
He has also become my faithful working partner...

But in all seriousness, I don't think you should ever underestimate the power of creativity. Looking at something and seeing something completely different is an amazing gift that is all too often overlooked. If you can envision it, why not give it a try?! You may just create your favorite item, EVER!



  1. HI,
    I am ceramic Lion. That's how I found you. I love this post for obvious reasons. Blessings and Luck to you and your family!


    1. Thank you so much! This little treasure has blessed my garden for some time now and I never tire of seeing it. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face! Many blessings to you as well and thanks for stopping by and sharing!!