Sunday, March 3, 2013


The sun shone brilliantly today. The birds graced me with their melodic chatter as I began my work making my chores seem bearable. Spring must be near!

But as I spent my morning puttering about my homestead doing chores, I could not help but dream of something more. Cam and I have dreamed of having a bit of property - a bigger homestead than we have now - someplace we can see ourselves raising our children, tending my dream garden, owning a few animals (my chickens, finally!!), and spending our days living off our land. This dream has been quite present in our thoughts and conversations recently. So much, in fact, we've even started looking for land in our area. But alas, we find ourselves at a point of stagnation.

This fact has not kept me from daydreaming about my homestead with a bit more property though. And, admittedly, I have become quite anxious. I want to find this little piece of 'paradise' sooner rather than later. But sometimes, God has other plans. This is a point I have become all too familiar with lately.

As I wait, sometimes impatiently, I was presented with a simple verse and devotional this morning. This will be something I will read, re-read, and read again for many months. Here it is:
But by Faith
But by faith we eagerly await through the Spirit the righteousness for which we hope.
~Galatians 5:5~
Patience is not one of my strengths, Lord. It is a virtue I hope to develop as my faith grows and as I understand my life in Your will. It is my faith that enables me to wait at all. I impatiently wait for growth, an answer, a sign, a finger coming out of the heavens to point the way. Such a list!
Help me to rest in Your Spirit and in the faith I have placed in You, my Lord. I pray for true righteousness - the kind that comes form perseverance. When I am tested by trials and even doubt, may I be a woman of conviction and commitment. You not only see me through, but also carry me through these times. You turn my times of waiting into moments of moving forward.
~Excerpt taken from One-Minute Prayers for Women~
I pray this brings you much comfort, hope, and peace in the week ahead!
If you have any thoughts or feelings about this verse or moving forward in your dreams, please share! It's awesome to hear!


  1. i feel your pain sister.... i am getting quite anxious looking for a place i can work and not feel cramped and scattered in. once you have your mind set on it... its hard not to get frustrated!! :) we purchased our first homes at the same time... maybe we will purchase our second too!

    1. That would be wonderful! Hopefully we can both find something soon, and maybe this time, we can actually have house-warming parties! :)