Monday, February 25, 2013

The Beauty of a Simple Flower

I think it would be safe to say that the Daphne - with its heavenly scent and immaculate flower clusters - would be one of my favorite flowers. But my love extends beyond the plant. Growing up, my mom had a huge Daphne bush outside our front door. Every spring, she would cut sprigs of these magnificent flowers and place them on the dining table and at our bedside. The sweet aroma would fill our small house and bedroom...creating a glorious memory of the approaching spring.

The first year I lived in the high desert, I decided I wanted to take this piece of the valley with me. We purchased a larger bush from a home show we attended. I brought it home, placed it into a pot and babied it diligently. My efforts were rewarded by a few small buds and the sweet strong scent of my childhood!

But because of a single lapse of judgment, my Daphne was bitten by an early frost and never recovered. It died and along with it, my hopes of ever being able to grow this beauty in my new home.

When my sister came to visit, she brought with her a branch from my mom's Daphne plant! The delicate buds were tightly closed on Friday, but as they adjusted to the warm indoor temperature, they have opened! They are sitting beside my bed; greeting my every awakening and nights end. I am in heaven!

This morning has evoked a new desire to grow my own Daphne again.  As spring approaches, I will be seeking out a healthy plant.

 Living in the high desert presents its challenges when trying to grow the more delicate plants. Do you have any advice as how to grow Daphne successfully in a pot or in the high desert? I welcome any help and information!

As for now, I will enjoy the simple branch that graces my nightstand!

What plants or natural elements evoke strong memories for you? Please share...It's so much fun to hear!



  1. If you still have your daphne branch, you can cut some slits in it below the lowest joint, cut off the spent blossoms and half of each leaf, dip the stem in cinnamon, and put it in a jar of water in a sunny window. You do this and you'll have about a 75% chance of making your own plant start!

    1. That is such a great tip! Since I do still have this cutting, I will definitely give this a try! 75% is good enough for me! Thanks!