Monday, February 4, 2013

An Eager Jump on Spring

It's that time of year once again...the time when I become antsy to get back into my garden. I long to create something beautiful and natural; using my hands, the knowledge and strength I poses to create something new, beautiful, and bountiful. In short, I want to get back out there and start my garden again!

So today I started just that. I pulled out my seed staring trays, my seed soil, packets of seeds, and got to work!

Since it is only the beginning of February, I wanted to make sure I started my early spring/cool weather crops (those that take a little longer to mature), and start those fruits and vegetables that have longer growing periods (which living in the high desert can make it hard to accommodate those), but not all of my seeds :).

 So, I chose to start my melons, onions, cabbage, broccoli, bok Choy, cauliflower, leeks, Brussels sprouts, peppers, and tomatoes! Here's how I got started!

Last year, I bought several of the plastic reusable seed-starting tray/greenhouses and they have proven to be extremely useful! I pulled out my empty trays and filled each cell with seed starting soil (I buy the generic seed soil. I have found that using this soil for germination does make a difference so it's worth buying!). Once full, I dampen them by simply watering each cell.

Next comes the seeds. But making sure which seed is where can be a tricky matter. I make sure and label each cell, row, or group with a tag made out of popsicle sticks. I buy 100 of them and the Dollar store, cut them in half, write on them, and insert them into the appropriate place. They are perfect to get the job done!

I then nestle each delicate seed into the damp soil, place the cover on my greenhouse tray and wait for my little seedlings to emerge. I generally place my trays over or near my heat vents to make sure the tiny seeds get adequate warmth to germinate!

Now I must wait. I will anticipatorily check them everyday...awaiting signs of life! Until that time, I will make sure they are damp and warm. When the small seedlings begin to emerge, I will make sure and change my care regimen. But for now, I wait.
As they progress, I'll keep you posted! I can't wait for my spring garden!!
How is your garden coming along? Are you beginning to plant your seeds? What is your garden timing? Let me know...I'm anxious to hear!

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