Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Finally, after a long winter and a very blustery and chilly spring, summer is upon us! We've been met with beautiful weather and I feel like it's finally time to plant the rest of my that is exactly what I've done!

Since the evenings have been so warm and wonderful these last few days, I've spent the few hours after I get off work, in my garden. I've turned the soil under one last time and planted my pole and bush beans. I even tried out a new bean trellis this I'm hoping it will work out just as well for me (I'm always looking for new things to try, especially when they look cool, even if the old version worked just fine. I like change :-); simple construction, just more compact and a little sturdier.

My corn, two different varieties this year - Quickie and Peaches and Cream - have been gently placed in several short garden rows, This will only be the second year I've grown corn so I'm still learning about this magnificent comestible. I do know (from growing up in the town that has a corn festival every year to celebrate how much we grow this wonderful piece of produce) that it is best to have several rows over one long get better pollination, thus equaling more corn! And, this is a one I just heard this year, for corn "knee-high by Fourth of July" will equal a great harvest. So I hope the weather cooperates and I still have a fighting chance on that one. Both of my corn seeds are short-season varieties, so I hope we can pull it off.

Zucchini, summer squash, more Swiss chard, and cucumbers have all been carefully planted in their new respective homes as well.

In  this part of Central Oregon, we have a saying when it comes to tomatoes: it's safe to plant them out when the snow is off Black Butte. When I gazed upon that majestic acclivity standing on the horizon, all I could see was black; the snow has finally melted off! I went directly to my loaner moveable greenhouse, carefully removed each plant, and placed them into the ever warming garden soil.

With all I have just planted, and what is already growing from my spring sowing, I am feeling very good about my little vegetable garden. The only thing that concerns me is that I am out of room! I have used up ever nuance of space available and there are still a few things I want to grow. I voiced my concerns to Cam and we have been brainstorming about how to create a little more room. Hopefully we will come up with something soon and I can share how we created a bit more garden space!

I've also tried to do a bit more research this year as far as tomatoes go. I've been very successful in years past, but - being that creature in need of learning, creating, and change - I wanted to learn and try more. So I will be sharing what I am trying out this year in the next few stay tuned for that!

I have plums, gooseberries, raspberries, grapes, and strawberries all ripening as well. I'm thinking this will be a very rewarding year as far as produce goes for my garden and I can't wait!!!

We may not have much space, but I am so thankful for what God has allowed us to do with what we have! Its amazing and it makes me stop and count my blessings.

 For the first time since we've been at our little homestead in the high desert, I wandered from front to back and fell in love; in love with its beauty; in love with its practicality; in love with its provision. I am extremely blessed!

So get out and start a little garden of your own. Even if it's only a few pots on your patio or outside a window, the rewards you reap from it can be immeasurable! Have fun with it and you may just find your new passion! :)


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