Monday, June 24, 2013

A Weekend at the Lake

After a week on the go, we made a last minute call to leave our home and garden to go explore some of the beautiful attractions here in Central Oregon. This was going to be our maiden voyage out camping for the summer. But with a last minute decision to go, along came some last minute stressors. 

Cam got off work early Friday and the sprint began. Water garden, feed cats, organize camping gear, pack food and clothes, and the list went the time we were ready to go, we were already wiped out! But after making sure all our ducks were safely nestled in a row, away we went, southbound on highway 97, final destination: Crane Prairie Reservoir!  The stories of giant fish, picturesque scenery, and thoughts of just relaxing for a weekend were only a few hours away.

It took us the better part of two hours to finally arrive at the lake. We found the lodge, where we were to check in and get our boat dock number, and took care of our reservations. With campsite and dock number in hand, we ventured to our new weekend home.

It wasn't quite what we expected. It was definitely smaller than we thought, especially since we had our two dogs and an extra tent which was home to a friend who joined us. We were all cramped into our little spot but we made was cozy and actually turned out to be just perfect!

The sun was just starting to hide behind the distant mountains when we arrived so we set up camp, made a delicious camp meal (steak and potatoes over the fire!), then set off with the dogs for a quick little evening walk. The promised beauty of this lake was everything it was hyped up to be! The lake had a backdrop of Mt. Bachelor and one of the Three Sisters. With the vibrant red from the setting sun, it was a breathtaking evening. We couldn't help but just stop and gaze...silently, peacefully, reflecting on our journey to this place. It was amazing.

The original plan was for the guys to get up early to go fishing for the morning. Well, they went fishing, but early didn't quite make it! Since they were off doing their 'guy thing', I was left to entertain myself...with whatever I wanted! I took our dog Bandit (the guys took our other dog, Remi, out on the boat), for a long walk. We wove around the shore of the lake for a little bit before we found our self on the main road. Not exactly the hike I was looking for, but the time spent along the water was gorgeous! It was crystal clear on Saturday, cold but beautiful, and the views were beyond belief! The mountains were clear and we discovered just how this lake got its name: Crane Prairie.

 After about an hour and a half of meandering though the woods that surrounded us, we made it back to camp. I sat down in a camp chair in the sun and read...and then found myself dozing in the immaculate warmth of the ever rising sun!

When the men finally returned after a morning of fishing we caught up on our days. They caught nothing, not even very many bites. And I, well I got to report that I had successfully walked and napped :)

The rest of our afternoon was just as laid back - but I did manage to squeeze in some paddle board time for myself on the lake - and a campfire was what our evening had in store. Talking, laughing, telling stories, and catching up around the campfire was how we closed out our extremely laid-back day!

Saturday night held more surprises for us that we were somewhat unprepared for. It rained. And rained. By the time we awoke early Sunday, everything was pretty soaked. Cam and Travis (our friend who accompanied us) set out one last time to catch one of the legendary trout in the lake and I was left behind to start taking down camp. I didn't mind. Since I was alone, I could go at my own pace and that's exactly what I did. I got everything taken down, packed up, and ready to go, just waiting for them to return.

They made it back, unsuccessful once again, but enjoyed every moment they spent on the quite and misty lake! We loaded up the boat and headed home.

It was sad to have to leave, but with the rain, I was really looking forward to being home. Something about our homestead in the rain is so magical. I love it.

This weekend wasn't very eventful to some standards, but it was almost perfect according to ours. We saw past the disappointments, let-downs, and less-than anticipated situations and saw what blessing were around us. We spent an entire weekend surrounded by God's perfect creation; basking in His greatness. That is what made it perfect. We saw beyond ourselves, appreciating the things He has blessed us with!


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