Sunday, November 4, 2012

Entering the Vintage Age!

As we perused through one of our local thrift stores with my most blessed guests - my mom & dad - Cam stumbled across something that intrigued and excited him; it was a set of 'vintage' intercoms! He thought that if they worked like the box claimed (!) it would solve the 'screaming and not hearing' issue we have in our two-story home. I could tell he was dieing to purchase these, and I was so caught up in the fact he was even IN the store with me, that I gave in and we purchased this Realistic Plug'n Talk 2-Station FM Wireless Intercom!
Within moments of our return home, Cam had plugged them in; one upstairs in our bedroom and the other downstairs next to the TV (I'll give you one guess as to who is where in our home :-)! And after a little tweaking we had communication!! They worked! 
We immediately began finding reasons to use them. I'd hit the 'call' button three or four times just to get a response. We would call each other just to say short little snippets or loving words when one would go into the other intercommed room. They are sooooo much fun!!!!!
If we were any younger, I think we'd play with them CONSTANTLY throughout the day ( I guess that tells you how mature we are, haha!).
Never underestimate the practicality of a 'vintage' item! Sometimes, the fun it brings is well worth the small price!!
Enjoy and step out and enjoy something new and different!!

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