Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dirt: Where a Gardeners Life Begins

If you stop to think about what makes your garden beautiful and productive, several things will come to mind: it requires time, dedication, care, love, good seed, diligence and some know-how. But if you stop to think about what makes your garden starts with your soil!
I love my compost - both worm and outside bin - and in the spring, before I plant, I always amend my soil with it. It gives the seedlings and new plants a healthy starting point. But I have also come to realize there are several things I could do to help the health of my soil before spring arrives. It even helps rid my grass of some of my yard waste. Enter, mulch.
Since winter is just around the corner, I decided to mow my grass and leaves (probably more of the latter ;-). What was deposited into my lawn-mower bag was beautiful grass and leaf mulch. Instead of adding it all to my outdoor composter, I decided to add it to the garden soil.
I simply emptied the contents (more times than I care to remember) directly onto my garden soil. After I was finished, I wanted to turn the soil under so the debris had a chance to mix with the earth helping decomposition along. I tilled the entire garden with our gas tiller. When I was finished, I raked it smooth.

For the next several months, I will allow a cover crop to grow (most likely weeds - just a crop that naturally sprouts this time of year). This, as well as the mulch I added, and the compost I will add again in the spring, will add an abundance of nutrients my soil needs to support my garden next year.

Gardening requires a lot but it all begins in the soil...the earth. When it is healthy, you will have a garden that can support you and provide you with more beauty than you can imagine!

Have fun with it! I did all this work yesterday and woke up to snow this morning!! The weather can change in an instant so work diligently to finish up! It'll pay off next year!!


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