Friday, September 14, 2012

Garden Blessings

I have been so blessed with a productive garden season thus far...and so much goodness is still to come! I was extremely leery about the health of my ripening tomatoes when our nights began reaching 28 degrees, coating everything with a very thin layer of frost. I was not yet ready to begin covering my crops with blankets, so I began to keep a close watch on the ever falling temperatures and my garden plants.

Thankfully, the temperature has risen slightly, enough to get us out of the danger of frost. My cucumbers were the hardest hit by that light freeze. The leaves have curled and wilted, and the remainder of the blossoms it had put out have since fallen off. Everything else has come out of it without any lingering effects. So, this is some of what I was blessed with:

Picked a box & basket full of large beautiful heirloom tomatoes;

A large bundle of fresh corn;

Two large & very full baskets of my green grapes!

This bounty is such a blessing for my precious little family. We have enough to save up and nourish us for months to come! However, I wanted to pass some of this to those who need it. I've been passing out tomatoes to our neighbors...and everyone of them are excited to help us enjoy this precious gift. But it is more than food; our garden has brought our neighborhood closer. We talk more, wave more, & see more smiles. Who knew this garden I started this spring would provide so many blessings to so many people!

Has it been a good garden year for you as well? Share it, I'd love to hear!!



  1. Wow!! You never cease to amaze me with your green thumb! Those tomatoes look DELISH!

  2. Thank you! We have been so blessed this year!! If you find yourself in the area tomorrow, rest assured you'll be enjoying it too!