Friday, September 7, 2012

All In A Glorious Days Work!

What a beautiful morning we had today! I couldn't help myself - the sun was out but the air was cool, no wind, but extremely pleasant - I wanted to get out & enjoy it! So today was my 'garden tending' day!

I pinched back all of my tomatoes sin my garden. Any of the new green branches that were just haphazardly growing outside their cages were cut back to help the plants focus on ripening what they have already produced. Cold weather is inching ever toward us & I want my tomatoes! I also spent a few moments picking two messes of green beans (green & burgundy beans), about seven cucumbers, the last of my kohlrabi, and a very large basket of tomatoes.

It felt so good to see all I had awaiting me when I stepped into my garden this morning. It is really the highlight of my days; nothing is much better for me than a morning spent in my garden!

May we all be able to take a moment each day, step back, & truly appreciate the simple things in our lives!


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  1. I couldn't agree more. Baskets filled with our harvest are simply beautiful and, oh, so rewarding.