Saturday, September 15, 2012

A New & Unique Outdoor Activity

Just recently, Cam heard about something called 'geocaching'; an outdoor activity where you use GPS coordinates in order to find a hidden object. These are most commonly a container of some sort that houses enough room for visitors to deposit trinkets and sign a visitors log. He did the research on this, I only had limited second-hand information, but we were both so intrigued, we printed off a few geocache coordinates, borrowed a GPS, and set out on a new adventure.

It's pretty much a more adult version of a treasure hunt! There is no significant recognition given to those who find the cache, but it's the hunt and the find which is rewarding! We found several before we became so addicted to the 'thrill of the hunt' (for lack of a better phrase) that we got our own registered geocache name and GPS. Ever since, we've had so much fun exploring the areas around us, wherever we may be or visit!!

There is so much information out there on the subject, it's more popular than I originally thought, and it spans the globe. How awesome is that?!?! If you are ever fortunate to be able to visit another country, you can even find caches there!

To get started, go to and you will find all the information you need to get involved.

There are two levels of participation: you can either sign up for a free membership (the number of caches are limited), or you can become a premium member for about $35/ 2 yr. membership (which gives you access to all caches available).

To be quite honest, if you just want to try it out, the free membership is perfect. You actually have access to so many caches and for the novice, it's a perfect option. However, as you become more attracted and addicted to this treasure hunt (so-to-speak), as we have, you can sign up for a membership and gain access to ALL the hidden caches and can track all of your finds!

Both provide you with the option of user/group name and maps, coordinates, finder comments, and endless amounts of family (whatever that means for you...which could be only one, or two like Cam & I, or more...) fun!!!

In all reality, Cam and I are still considered to be newbies to the geocaching realm. We have found about 35-40 caches, which is just a drop of what is out there, and are so ready to experience more. However, life & financial limitations have prevented us, thus far, from pursuing more of them. But as we save, mature, and grow, hopefully we will have the opportunity to experience more of the world...especially the corners that are little known and off the beaten track!

We were fortunate enough to go camping again this weekend, not too far from home, and still be able to experience new things! We love any opportunity to explore and have come to agree that there is sooo much out there we haven't had the privilege to experience in out lifetime and now is the perfect time to take it in, no matter what!

On Saturday, in a very short hour, we found three caches just a mile or two from our very campsite. We took the dogs out and let them run while we hunted for the caches. When we found them, it was a very personal/couple experience to try to find a hidden 'gem'. We may not have gotten the most expensive tour of the area in which we went camping (remembering we are trying to be frugal) but we had a blast exploring new areas...and seeing a lot of beauty that would have gone otherwise unnoticed. So far we have been phenomenally over-come by what we've experienced through geocaching!

If geocaching sounds like it is up your alley, treasure hunting, you should most definitely give it a go! It is truly a lot of fun and a great time to bond with those you love!

Enjoy and share all you have never know what might impact those who read it...especially me! Can't wait to hear what you think and what what you've learned!!!

Are you already a member? If so, be on the look out for DamDwellers...we're searching far and wide for new caches! :-)


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