Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fresh and Simple

One of my favorite easy indoor gardening projects would be growing sprouts. I've always enjoyed eating alfalfa spouts on sandwiches and salads; it was always a special treat when my mom would go grocery shopping and bring home a beautiful package of fresh alfalfa spouts, maybe once every couple of months. But as I got older, I would love to treat myself to these tender shoots more often, until I discovered how easy they were to grow at home.

I started with a mason jar, a screened lid, and alfalfa spouts. From there, I moved to clover and a simple salad blend sprout. They have all been extremely delicious! So when I stumbled across another bean that makes delectable spouts, I couldn't pass it up: the Mung bean!

I purchased a small bag of the beans after reading they were good cooked but better known for being eaten as sprouts. I soaked 2 Tbs. of the beans for 24 hours, strained them and placed them on the counter to let the sprouting begin.

Everyday I rinsed and drained them until they were big enough to eat. It took mine about a week. But for the past four days (with more than half a jar left!) I've been enjoying them. They are simply delightful! The crisp, cool, refreshing crunch they provide is an excellent compliment to any salad and numerous sandwiches!

So as the winter seems to linger and our gardening hands begin to ache, remember there are so many ways to have and enjoy an indoor garden! Take a little time and try sprouts (if you enjoy them, that is :-)! You won't regret it!


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