Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Blessings

 This time of year, we are reminded of cooler weather, changing colors, darker evenings, and being able to spend more time together indoors...perhaps bringing us closer together. For just a moment, I hope you allow me to digress...I feel it's important so you know where I'm coming from when it comes to the 'holiday' of Halloween.

Growing up, we never celebrated any holidays, except 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Mother's and Father's day, and birthdays...due to what our religious beliefs were. But as I grew older, I began to understand more of the New Testament and the life and grace of Jesus and what a relationship with Him means. Since then, I've whole-heatedly accepted Christmas and Easter...but Halloween is still a holiday I don't truly/fully understand.

Growing up, Halloween was always a very intimate family night. We would always order a pizza, rent a movie, turn out all the lights and enjoy a night together...pure and simple. I loved it and I must admit, I miss that intimacy and simplicity...even though I enjoy handing out some candy! There is so much to be said about a family that can enjoy a night together; whether it be with a dinner and coloring, or a game, or a funny movie, or just talking and laughing...I think this world needs more of these moments!! But as I said, I digress.

I've never dressed up -  never felt the need - but I do enjoy handing out candy to children (and yes, adults too!!) on this night but I have been drawn to just what and how this 'holiday' came about. So I  began my investigation. Since I'm fairly new to this holiday, I decided to google it and find out more about the history behind this 'ghost, goblin, and witch'  connotation. This is what I discovered:

It originated as a Celtic Festival - Samhain - which marked their new year, November 1st. It was also a mark of the end of summer, harvest, and the darker colder weather of the winter months. Since the transition from light (summer) to dark (fall/winter) was associated with death, the Celts believed this was the time of year when the dead returned to earth; wreaking havoc amongst the local crops. They also believed it was also the time of year that was the easiest for priests to predict the future.

When it transitioned to the Americas in the mid-19th century, people began dressing up in costume and asking for food and money. This is what started our current trick-or-treating tradition (History Channel...check it out!)

As I consider myself new to this holiday, among others, and still unsure about how I truly feel about this day we choose to celebrate the 'darker' moments our world, I must admit that knowing the history makes a huge impact.

But as for this day, I can say this confidently: I believe in Jesus Christ. I know He came to save us if we just accept Him and acknowledge what He has done and continues to do for us!
Give to others; prophesy to others; display your happiness and contentedness, through Christ! Not only will this fulfill us as we move through our days, it will also spread His word on this day so associated to death and darkness.

How do you feel about halloween? What traditions do you partake in and hope to pass on...and why? I'd love to know how Halloween impacts you and your family! Share...we can all benefit!!
Be safe and enjoy the candy!!

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