Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Season of Change

My Painted Blanket
 My favorite season of the year is fall. I love winter, spring, and summer, but when it comes to fall, I'm a sucker for everything relating to this season! I love the smell of the trees with their falling leaves, the cool weather, the dried stalks of vegetation that seem to linger well into the winter months. I know I've said it before about my very pinnacle moment of fall, but I really need to add this to it...there is just a smell and feeling about autumn that captures me!

 My Purple Leafed Sand Cherry bush in my rose garden
Gooseberry after the first frost
This is the time when we allow ourselves a moment to relax and enjoy our garden; enjoy everything it has provided us with and we are now responsible for preserving, bringing in a few mementos of extreme beauty for us to enjoy indoors as well as outside; savoring the flavors of the exquisite fruits and vegetables available to us. I can only stand in awe at what I gaze upon! I'm truly amazed at the never-ceasing beauty my garden puts forth each season!

I tried my best at growing pumpkins, mostly for decoration, but still, a spare pumpkin is always nice to try to carve! Well, here it is...I'm not sure it's actually a pumpkin, hahahaha!

I planted a pumpkin...this looks like a yellow watermelon to me...
Other than pumpkins, I don't really have many strictly 'fall' crops. I have carrots & beets still in the ground; my Swiss Chard, Kale, and Spinach are all doing well. These few things give me hope for the winter. I know I will be blessed with the cold but fresh leafy vegetables of fall/winter, but I can rest assured that the work I put forth this summer won't be wasted!

'Virginia Creeper' berries as Autumn arrives
Enjoy your newly, and ever changing bushes, vines, and perennials! Also take a moment to enjoy each and every moment you spend in your garden. Remember, you put forth a lot of work all year deserve a moment to enjoy it now and see just what your garden has transformed to!

This is also the ideal time to start spring bulbs...if you want tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, croaceses, and any other spring bulb, now is the time to consider getting them into the ground. Come spring, you will be glad you planted them!

Enjoy and learn!!

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