Monday, July 1, 2013

Back in the Groove

Wow...what a weekend, week for that matter. We made it through recital and have marked one more thing off our list for the year! With mixed emotion, I close that chapter for the summer, but anticipate next fall when school and dance lessons begin again. 

I was fortunate enough to have my parents come this past weekend and not only attend the dance recital of those amazing dancers and teachers I work with, but also to spend a little time with us over this very busy weekend! And to top it all off, my sister and brother-in-law also made it to spend some time visiting. With the hectic-ness of recital consuming the majority of the weekend, we still managed to find time to relish in the company of each other!

I must say, when my family comes to visit - or vice versa - I always seem to feel renewed. Not only do I feel physically content, but my mind is at ease, my spirit encouraged, and my soul is inspired! I feel so blessed.

We got a little hiking in and then visited a few garage sales. That was fun. But I also had a chance to talk (to my mom and sister mostly) about gardening and garden plans, and sources of inspiration and ideas. We went through my idea notebook (my simple collage book...and yes, I'm still diligently taping things in it ;-), magazines, and resource books in my humble library, to discuss things that work, things that don't; our wants, dreams, aspirations, desires for our gardens and what we ultimately want to take away from them.

While most of our ideas were similar, we always came to the same conclusion: we want our gardens to attract people to gather, relax, enjoy, and be filled with the joy God has given us to share.

This past weekend captured this for me. I was able to sit and linger with my family; we enjoyed every space that has been changed and cared for to showcase God's glorious handy work. And enjoy it we did! It has been so long since I have been able to do this and it is truly amazing to see what God has placed on my heart to do, and to bring to others. What wonderful blessings He has given us!

This weekend also brought about quite a bit of inspiration for me as well. Amidst our conversations about gardens and garden plans, my sister reignited a fire in me that has become a mere ember these last several months. For the first time in a while, I wanted to get out and create.

The temperature peaked at 106 on my thermometer today but I still managed to work in my garden, albeit in my shade garden! I had so much fun, in fact, that I completely lost track of time and before I knew it, or was prepared to stop, it was 6:30 and I hadn't even thought about supper! What enveloped me as I worked today was joy. Pure and simple.

We are told in James 1:2 to "count it all joy...", and in 1 Thessalonians 5:16 to "rejoice always..."  That is what this weekend renewed in me. No matter how busy, or hectic, or stressful things may seem, we must learn to be joyful. When we are, it is amazing how much change we can bring about, not only in ourselves, but in those around us!

Spreading joy through your garden is a very beautiful and wonderful I encourage us all to try!



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