Monday, July 22, 2013

In A Nut Shell

Since my last post, nearly two weeks ago, so much has been going on and I naively thought I could do everything and keep up.  What started with the best of intentions ended abruptly. I hit a wall. I realized that while I busied my hands and thoughts with the have-to's and need-to's, very important aspects of my life were beginning to fall through the cracks. I was not nurturing the things that mean the most to me, so in turn, I began neglecting myself. While at first, I didn't notice. the more time progressed, I began feeling the emptiness. It was at that point I decided that for my family and myself, I needed to take a break. So instead of working late into the evening and then writing, I chose to relax. I chose to give thanks for the many blessings in my life. I chose to grow, live, and love.

I spent some much needed time with Cam, working together and making time to play. We began and completed projects together. I spent time visiting my family and being with them. My life was being filled with more of the things that feed my spirit...but by no means did it cease to keep me on-my-toes! Here are just a few of the things that have been happening:

My 30-day challenge went on without a glitch. We completed it, cleaned up our freezer, enjoyed this years early garden bounty, and cut our grocery bill significantly! It also taught us to be creative. We have made some wonderful new recipes and even created some of our own. This challenge was so much fun in fact that we have decided to make it more of a way of life. We are trying to cook seasonally, buy wisely (with sales), and use up what we have. Food is a blessing and shouldn't be wasted.

We have also finished our bathroom remodel! It was quite the undertaking; a process that was very layered so it couldn't be rushed. I wanted to completely redo our pink bathroom, complete with grey sinks, bathtub, and toilet, grey and white subway tiles for the countertop and shower wall, and to finish it all off, the chrome and gold faucets with chunky golden oak cabinets. It was most definitely dated and driving me nuts. I wanted to go with something a bit more classic: venetian plaster, white sinks, brushed nickel hardware, solid countertop...and eventually a white toilet and tub. I knew it would take some elbow grease, but I knew it would be a fun process all the same. After much work (I hope to go into some detail in another post), and many lessons in patience and perseverance, its all done! I'm quite pleased with the outcome!

My garden is thriving! I've taken some time to spend nurturing it, paying attention to its needs. In turn, I've been blessed immeasurably by more than just the beauty and peace it provides. We've been rewarded with beets, kohlrabi, kale, lettuce, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sugar snap peas, onions, raspberries, strawberries, and herbs 'a plenty!

I have also made a point, nay a priority, to take a moment everyday to sit in my garden doing nothing but experiencing just what it is that makes me love gardening. The smell of the warm breeze through the dry grass or over the freshly watered soil; the feel of the wind dancing around my face and me, entirely; the sounds of the birds chattering wildly in the trees that are rustling in the wind, the bees busily collecting nectar from one delicate flower to another, and just the sound of the wind whispering through the tall dry grasses and mighty willow trees. This centers me. It creates a thankful and grateful that I want to carry and share wherever I find myself.

These are just snapshots from my last few weeks, the memorable moments. I have learned a lot about what I value and what is truly important in my life. I love to write and share the things I have learned, about life, my garden, crafts, and projects. So while my posts may not be as frequent for a little while, I hope to be able to bring and express more of myself when I do write. :)

 Thanks for joining me on this journey. 

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