Monday, April 28, 2014


Ever since we started the very daunting moving journey, it has been difficult to focus on any one thing. We always had to clean something, pack something, move things here or there, get out of the house, be in the house, be homeless...the list was endless. It also meant that we didn't spend much time with loved ones and friends because what we thought needed to happen took precedence. More than once, I found myself wondering if this was really what God had planned for us. I was weary. I was beaten down.

In hindsight, I am able to see just how poignant those 6 months were. I am realizing that while we did what we thought we had to do at the time, perhaps we lost sight of what was truly important in our lives. We put living on the back burner so we could get to where we thought we were supposed to be.

Someone once told me, "what's going to really matter at the end of our days? Will it be the classes you took, the grades, the business of life, the projects you finished, or the parties you attended? Or will it be the peace in remembering the time you spent with those you love and who love you?" As I pause now and reflect on this, I see just how off path we were.

But  I am feeling peace now, even though I have TONS of ideas and dreams; a peace that penetrates to my core. I long to be with those who mean something to me and I know I mean something to them. And at the end of the day, I know that's what I want to remember.

While this prayer may not be the perfect example of the story I just recounted, I think it ties in well.

I Am Your Child
'The living, the living - they praise you, as I am doing today; fathers tell their children about your faithfulness.'
~ Isaiah 38:19~

Lord, I live today as Your child. I plan to focus on this identity. Undoubtedly I will be asking for guidance, messing things up, getting Your pristine plans dirty, and constantly asking, "Why? Why?" But You are used to the floundering of Your children. You are a patient parent. The lessons You have taught me in Your Word and through Your active love are helping me grow. I can see the person You want me to become.

Like a child, I will run in lots of different directions before asking the way. And by then, I will probably need to be carried. It is very exhausting being a child. But now, as You lift me up and comfort me with Your promise of love and grace, I settle down. To be wrapped in Your faithfulness is all I needed...I just didn't know how to get there. When I am done resting, will You tell me a story? I love the one about the day I became Your child.

(Prayer taken from One-Minute Prayers For Women, one of my favorite devotionals)
I hope this prayer and story give you comfort in the week ahead!
Have you found yourself in this very place in life? What comforts you and how do you want to spend your life? I love to hear your stories so please share if you like! I may be sometimes a little slow to respond to comments, but I always read them!:)

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